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The UK launches round 2 of the Hydrogen Allocation Round (HAR) funding program: Strong steps positioning the UK as a H2 hub?

With ambitious hydrogen capacity targets for 6 GW of green hydrogen and 4 GW of blue hydrogen adopted for 2030, the UK is looking to position itself as a hydrogen champion for the near future. In order to achieve this, the UK government has set up various funding initiatives such as the Hydrogen Allocation Round (HAR) to achieve this target. The round 1 of Hydrogen Allocation Round (HAR) was launched in July 2022 with a view to assist projects operational from 2025, awarding 11 projects with a combined capacity of 125 MW.
The round 2 of Hydrogen Allocation Round (HAR) was launched in December 2023 and is live now with an increased allocation of 875 MW. HAR programs aim to realize hydrogen projects via a CFD style mechanism considering revenue support through the Hydrogen Production Business Model (HPBM). With the view to fast track future projects, the UK government set out ambitions to hold annual HAR programs for the HPBM in a bid to boost production capacities.
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