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The definition of “low carbon hydrogen” by various hydrogen consumers

Major hydrogen consumer markets such as the EU, the USA, Japan and South Korea have now clarified their definition of low-carbon hydrogen. This is an important step as it provides clarity on the standards and facilitates increased investments and scaling of the industry and helps projects to be adapted based on the offtake market of the green hydrogen or derivative.
The EU, USA, South Korea and Japan define low-carbon hydrogen with a fairly similar carbon emission threshold ranging from 3.38 to 4 kgCO2/ kgH2, while only the EU and the US have a specific definition for renewable hydrogen, including the requirements for additionality, temporal correlation and geographic correlation for the renewable assets.
In terms of the calculation methodology of the emissions, the EU has gone for a "Well to Wheel" approach comprising the entire supply chain, including, for example, transport, while the others have chosen a "Well to Gate" approach calculating emissions only until hydrogen production.
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